How we will work together to write your story ....

  • We will arrange to meet and I will explain all the options available to you. I will also bring with me a selection of example products. This is a free, no obligation chat but if you are happy to go ahead I will draw up an outline of your requirements and provide you with a quotation and predicted timescales.
  • The number of visits required for gathering the material will vary but usually two is sufficient. We will sit and chat (possibly over a cuppa) and I will record the details of your memories and reminiscences. I use a small, unobtrusive recorder and also make some notes. Don't worry if you think you won't remember everything - I have a very useful memory jogger checklist that always helps!
  • As every story is different - so every book is different and, therefore the production times can vary depending on the complexity and length. Please let me know if you have a deadline such as a birthday, anniversary or family reunion that you want to meet and I will do my best to ensure that sufficient time is allowed.
  • I then start the fascinating process of writing up your story. I will write the book as if I am you - you will be the author. I will require any photographs or documents you may wish to include so that I can scan them and upload them. We will also design the cover so that it reflects you and your story.
  • When it is finished I will provide a draft copy for you to read and check. If any amendments are required I will make these and then arrange printing and delivery.

Payment Options

£50 deposit is required upon ordering. Full payment is required on receipt of the finished product. Payment can be made via PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Terms & Conditions are available on request.


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