A. Memory Book

A snapshot of the favourite times in your life.

This focuses on a particular time of your life or a memorable event. Popular examples include - your childhood memories and teenage years, your occupation or time in the armed services, your family life or travels - the list is endless, but the choice is yours! The number of pages can, of course, vary but usually would be no more than 40 pages. This is an excellent way to start your writing as it can then be added to in the future.

The finished Memoir will be printed on high quality paper and presented in a Leaving your Legacy presentation folder.

Prices from £295 depending on size and complexity (this includes meetings, writing, scanning and uploading photographs, layout, proofing and printing.)

Already made a start?

Have you already written some or all of your Memoir?

I am happy to help you complete it by typing up and inserting any photographs or documents you may require.

If you would like your book to be professionally reproduced I can prepare the document as well as arranging cover design and printing.

Please contact me for a free no obligation chat to discuss.

Do you have a book of poetry or short stories you have written? I can help you get it typeset and printed. Think how rewarding it would be to see you hard work in print! 

B. A5 Paperback Memoir or Memory Book

Published in a high quality, printed paperback book.

Why not have your Memoir or Memory Book professionally printed as a paperback book with a cover designed to reflect you and your story. Many people order sufficient copies to give as presents for family and friends. The number of pages will, of course, vary, but the average is between 40 and 130 pages although there is no upper limit. It can include both colour and/or black and white photographs. Again, the content is up to you - it can cover many aspects of your life story or focus on one or two.

You can also use this format to tell the story of another family member or ancestor that you have researched.

Prices from £495 depending on size and complexity (this includes meetings, writing, scanning and uploading photographs, layout, proofing and preparation for professional printing.)

C. Family History Storybook

Have you accumulated a lot of research that only makes sense to you?

It’s time to start organising all your hard work into a shareable format for your family. That means it’s time to organise it into a book that someone else can understand and enjoy. Your family will never connect with just a pile of papers and documents - whereas a book will be treasured by your descendants for years to come. Family history books have a way of helping readers make an emotional connection with their ancestors. It is the perfect way to share your ancestor’s documents, pictures and stories and bring them all together in a book that will appeal to all ages. Makes perfect birthday and Christmas presents too.

Planning a family reunion or celebration? I can create an interesting and engaging PowerPoint presentation for you to showcase your family history.

Prices from £595 depending on size and complexity (this includes meetings, writing, scanning and uploading photographs and documents, layout and preparation for printing.)

Save to CD?

Scanned photographs, text and audio interviews can be made available on cd at a cost of only £6 per cd.

This is an ideal way to ensure that precious photographs are saved and can be shared amongst the family.

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